Friday, December 5, 2008

Jiving Munchkin

Night before last we turned on the television and NBC was turning the lights on at Rockefeller Plaza. Nothing much on so we decided to leave the tv there. Of course if you've ever watched any show that is even remotely like this, or attended a "Christmas Tree" lighting live and in person, you know that they can't just throw the switch and turn on the lights, that would only be worth about 10 seconds of air time. So to fill up the rest of the 1 hour time slot they fill it with various artists doing their renditions of the classic Christmas songs. NBC did nothing less than everyone else does. They had quite a cast too, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, David Cook and Harry Connick, Jr. just to name a few.

If you've ever met my little "Munchkin Man" then you know that he loves music. I'm not even quite sure L-O-V-E could possibly even be a strong enough word to describe his affection for the tunes. He doesn't just like some music, he likes all of it. He stands in his father's lap at church and bounces up and down and waives his hand around like he is leading singing, watching every move the song leader makes. He fusses in the car, until you turn on the music and if the radio is not playing enough music for him (read D.J.'s are talking too much) then he will fuss until a CD is turned on or I hook up the iPod. (The iPod, by the way was purchased for his soul benefit. We thought it would be a great way to have his "baby" music loaded into one place without having to haul around CD's. We found out he liked our music as much as his.) Yet, I digress...

So, we turn on NBC and they are playing music and "Munchkin Man" stops and is watching and bouncing up and down with the beat. He sings with the music as well, softly, you can barely hear him. Believe me this is the only thing he does softly. Then Harry Connick Jr. comes on the screen. Harry starts singing his jazzy rendition of a classic Christmas song and "Munchkin Man" starts bouncing up and down and twirling around and totally just jiving to the beat. Of course we were thoroughly entertained but we also found it quite interesting. The funny thing of the matter was that the husband and I went to a Harry Connick Jr. concert while I was pregnant with the "Munchkin Man". Up until that point I had felt the baby move, but it had primarily just been those first little "butterfly" feelings, when you just aren't quite sure exactly what it is you are feeling. The night of HC Jr. concert, hubby and I are sitting in the very back row, all the way at the top, awful seats but you could still hear the music and see fairly well, about 20 minutes into the concert, all of a sudden, my stomach started jiving. The "Munchkin Man" came completely alive. With arms, legs, elbows, feet and knees, this child was jiving "in-beat" with the music that was playing on stage. It was amazing. All of a sudden the hubby looks down and sees my stomach moving around and wants to know if that is the baby. Yes it was him and he jived and danced through the entire rest of the concert. In fact, I usually tell people he never stopped moving and we arent' sure he's stopped yet.

I guess HC, Jr. will just always hold a special place in our hearts. It seems he is certainly a favorite of "Munchkin Man's" and anything good enough for him, is certainly good enough for me.

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