Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm not the jealous type and neither is my husband. It makes my days so much easier to not worry about silly things like that. However, over the past few weeks we have learned that our youngest son, does have quite a jealous streak. He doesn't like it when Daddy hugs on Mommy. He is quite adamant about it and will let you know in no uncertain terms what he thinks about it. If he sees us hugging, he will come over and start hitting on his father. Now that "ME" is his favorite word, he will often shout that out as well. Holding hands is a no-no as well. Even if we are in the car and we hold hands in the front seat, he will just whine at us until we drop hands.

Last night was just another adventure into the nature of our jealous child. I was sitting in my chair and Daddy came and sat on the couch close by and took my hand for a minute. "Munchkin Man" was across the room watching a cartoon and playing with his ball, when out of no where he came running at us yelling "ME, ME, ME". He then proceeded to take his father's hand away from mine, replacing it with his own. He then stood beside my chair, holding my hand in both of his and continued to watch his cartoon. He stood like this for several minutes. Now, to say the least my husband and my Mom (who is visiting us) and myself, were all about to roll in the floor with laughter. It was just too cute! Of course, his Mommy's heart was just melting. I mean, what woman doesn't want a couple of men fighting over her and what Mommy doesn't want her baby boy to love his Mommy.

The funniest line of the evening, though, belonged to my ever witty husband, who said to me, "And you said no one would ever come between us."

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