Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy, Wonderful LIfe

I know it's been forever since I blogged...Life has been uber-crazy the past few months! We are slowly but surely coming to understand that life is just that...CRAZY...and will continue to be so. This is normal, apparently, and we need to quit waiting for it to go back to normal.

BUT, would I want it to go back to the way it was before? NEVER, if it meant not having that wonderful little Munchkin Man in our lives.

He is such a blessing! I can't believe how much my heart melts just by looking at him. He is really changing these days. He turned 2-1/2 last week. He talks a blue-streak (wonder where he gets that from :-) and understands and comprehends so much that it makes my head spin. He is truly a sponge but more than that...the comprehension level is what amazes me daily. The other day, I gave him a list of several of things we were going to do that day, inserted with explanations of what it was or elaborations of points. He rattled this list back to me, condensed down to main points. On top of that, he told me the list again 8 hours later, picking up at the point we were at the moment. Truly, truly amazing.

On top of all of that, he is just such a sweet little boy. He hugs and kisses on all of us and tells us that he loves us. I look so forward to him running straight into my arms when I pick him in the afternoons. He is a very loving, thoughtful and polite child. I have never seen a child as polite as this child. He says, please, thank you and excuse at the appropriate times without being prompted. It is amazing. But I shouldn't be surprised by this wonderful spirit God blessed us with, we already have the older version. His older brother is truly amazing too and is such a kind, giving, loving spirit in his own right. God certainly blessed me with sending him into my life and Matthew certainly blessed me by allowing me to become his mother!

Below is our Christmas card picture for this year. I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful Holiday Season and we wish all of you the best of everything in 2010!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get Me Outta These Trees...

One of the first things that anyone tells me, from home, when they hear I live in Tennessee now, is how beautiful this state is. I have to agree with them. It is beautiful here. Some places more so than others, but I genuinely enjoy the beautiful scenes I pass by everyday on the way just to my own house. The next thing that people mention is that they think Tennessee is beautiful because of the Smokeys, or the rivers, or the trees. Now, before I continue, I will tell you that I think all of these things are beautiful as well.

WARNING: I am about to reveal my other side...Get Me Outta These Trees...

Everywhere you look, there are trees. Drive down the highway, look to your left, what do you see? TREES! Look to your right, what do you see? TREES! Look above you, what do you see? TREES! They are everywhere and did you know they move closer to you. Every few seconds, they pick up and move a little closer to you. Did you know that? They are trying to take away all of the room. They multiply. You see a tree, turn around once and there are now four trees where the one was. They want all of my air!.....

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am claustrophobic, or at least have major bouts of it at times. I never knew I was claustrophobic until I moved here. Although, now that I know it, it explains a lot of things that have happened in my life. I just never had the word, claustrophobia, to put with it. Not long after I moved here, I got stuck in the elevator at work. Now, before you go feeling too sorry for me, let me explain. I was stuck for a total of about 1 minute. Long enough to pick up the phone and report it, but also long enough for me to have a major panic attack. I just knew I would never get out of that elevator. It took several years before I was physically able to ride an elevator without getting sick or hyperventilating. I still do at times, but I am a little better now. This is about the same time that I began to notice how many trees there are here and how they keep moving closer to me.

For anyone reading this that might not know me well...[AND if you don't know me well, how on earth did you find this blog and why would you want to read it?]...I grew up where it is flat. Let me expand on that idea, it was flat as in a pancake, except any pancake I ever ate had more hills and valleys than where I grew up. Look at this aerial view of my hometown. It is flat! AND I LOVE IT! I love being able to see as far as my eye can see. My husband explains it as the curvature of the earth being what causes one to not be able to see any farther in good old West Texas. I don't know about that but I know that I love that when a thunderstorm blows up, I can see it coming at me. I have never liked storms and am terrified of tornadoes, but at least I can see one coming there! Here, you never know what is coming towards you because you can't see it for all of those trees!!!! It is my conclusion though that I am afraid of tornadoes because of my claustrophobia. I am not afraid of being killed, I am afraid of being trapped somewhere and not being able to get out. I also don't like it when traffic comes to a standstill on the interstate. The thought of being stuck on the Interstate and not being able to get out of the traffic for hours, terrifies me! One day last year, we were coming into Nashville and we were in the middle lane of 3. All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the traffic just stops. I was stuck. It didn't help that there was a truck on either side of me and in front of me, I couldn't see! I began to hyperventilate! Picturing myself being stuck here for ever.
I also can now explain a couple of things about my childhood. One of which is diving off the high dive at the swimming pool. Bless poor Coach Wilson! He tried and tried to get me to jump off the diving board. Our local pool had 2 boards, one low board and then a high board. For 3 summers, when I was about 6, 7, 8, my Mom signed me up for swimming lessons with good ol' Coach Wilson. Coach Wilson was the head football coach and also went to church with us. I was thrilled to take lessons with Coach Wilson, but was upset that I didn't get to take lessons with Coach Paty, another football coach, who also attended church with us and who taught my brother to swim! Anyway, the 3rd year, Coach had me helping him with the younger kids and told my Mom not to bring me back for lessons as he just couldn't take her money any longer, being as how I could swim like a fish after the first year. (We didn't have a Country Club membership, and this was my Mom's way of making sure I got some swimming in I think!). However, that last year, Coach was determined I was jumping off the high dive before lessons were over. I was equally determined that I was not! I had acquiesced and had jumped off the lower board, hating every minute of it, but there was no way I was jumping off the high! What I hated about the lower board, was not that I couldn't do it, and my mind knew that I was supposed to jump and when I touched bottom to push back off and come up to the top. However, I would almost drown every time, because as soon as the water started closing over me, I began to fight. Now, I understand why, it was the claustrophobia! I guess I was also smart enough to understand that if I had that feeling, just after jumping off the low board, that the speed and force with which I would hit the water after jumping off the high dive would just make the problem worse.

So, what is my cure for claustrophobia...a good trip to some WIDE OPEN SPACES!!! A trip home. We will be heading that way on Saturday. I need me some wide open spaces to readjust my head and be able to live among all of these trees again for another few months. It seems that my claustrophobia gets exceptionally worse this time year. 1--it has been since December since I've been home...2--I think when all of the trees bud and leaf out in the Spring, I get worse, cause I can no longer see beyond said trees. So, I am headed home, gonna straighten my head out and get some relaxing done before the crazy Fall Semester starts!

Monday, July 27, 2009

"I a mess"

That was the new phrase my son learned last weekend. To tell the truth
he learned it because I told him he was a mess. The funny thing was
that I meant it because he was covered in ice cream at the time.
However, he kept saying it all day and I was reminded every time that
certain sayings can have double meanings because he is certainly a
mess in the non-messy, completely cute way!

We had his two year old pictures made this weekend so as soon as I can
get some loaded I will put some up for you to see. There were some
absolutely adorable ones, but then again can their be any other kind
when he is the subject?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Life is never dull, sometimes mundane, but never dull. A couple of days ago hubby, Munchkin and I were driving home from the City after work. As is our custom, I was driving (Tom drives in the morning, because we all know I'm asleep at that time of the morning, and I drive home in the evening). I had my left hand on the wheel and my right hand was laying on the console. Tom reached over and started holding my hand.

I don't know why I was surprised by what happened next, it has happened every time Tom has held my hand for at least the last 18 months. The only thing that has changed in the 18+ months is that it has gone from a sound and whimpering to words being spoken before the crying begins. Yes, in case you haven't figured it out, the Munchkin Man doesn't like for Mommy and Daddy to hold hands. On this particular occasion, what we heard was "No Daddy! No, no hands, No Daddy".

Now, I have to tell you that I am getting a little tired of this happening. I happen to like holding hands with my husband. So, I just keep holding Tom's hand. The back seat has now turned quiet, but a quick check to the rear Munchkin mirror, revealed that the protests had been replaced by silent tears streaming down his face! As much as I think that he seriously needs to get over this fit of jealousy, the Mommy in me cannot just let him cry. If he had continued to throw a fit, I could have handled that. He might of been in trouble but I could have handled that. If he had pouted, I could have handled that. If he had done just about anything, I could have handled that but I could not handle the silent tears indicating a breaking heart. What a sweetheart of a little boy I have. I am so incredibly blessed! But seriously, if anyone has a clue how to get him past this, let me know!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Whirlwind Life

The past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind. Between Mother's Day, a trip to Arkansas for a Librarian's Conference, Mom and my brother coming to visit, Will's 2nd birthday, our 7th anniversary, VBS, Matthew's 25th birthday and Father's Day, you can just imagine how busy we have been!

Of course the biggest events of the month were the Munchkin Man's 2nd birthday and Matthew's 25th. For Munchkin's birthday, we had just a quiet party in our home with us, aunts and uncles, grandparents and a cousin thrown in for good measure. But considering the cousin was Stephen, you can imagine we didn't see much of him or Matthew either one. Oh well, it was a party for a 2 year old and they did stick around for a good portion of it. Munchkin decided he wanted a "Thomas" cake. He is very enthralled with "choo-choo trains" at the moment. He thinks they are great fun to watch in real life as well. Will thoroughly enjoyed his birthday and telling everyone that he was "twooo". He just can't quite get his fingers in the right position yet to show you "two". We actually had his party a day early, on Sunday.

On Monday, his actual birthday, his friends at "school" sang Happy Birthday to him all morning. I'm sure he was eating it up. In honor of his birthday, everyone got to have cheetos at lunch. This is a big treat for them, they looooveee cheetos. That evening we went to Buca di Pepo or however you spell it, and celebrated again and also for our anniversary. The waitress heard us say it was Munchkin's birthday, so they brought out cake for everyone with this huge candelabra for Will to blow out the candle's. He thought it was absolutely grand!

A few days later it was time to celebrate again. We told Matthew, that we wanted to do something special for his 25th birthday, and asked him what he would like to do. After thinking for a couple of days, he decided he would like to go to the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night to hear Allison Kraus and Marty Stuart. As a surprise, I was able to get front row, center seats. We took the Munchkin Man too (he was free) and he loves music soooo much. Matthew was pretty excited when I lead the family to the front row and he realized that was where we were sitting. Earlier in the day, he had also learned that Vince Gill would be performing as well. It was a great night at the Opry and everyone had a magnificent time. Matthew thoroughly enjoyed his 25th birthday and so did the Munchkin Man.

The highlight of Mommy's evening came though, when 2 different performers mentioned her baby from the stage. One of the performers Friday evening was Tracy Byrd. He is a good ole Texas boy and when he saw Will sitting in the front row, mesmerized by all of the music and having such a jolly good time, he told everyone to look at the cute little boy in the front row wearing the Texas t-shirt! Well, you can just imagine that Mommy was beaming!

Then a few minutes later, Marty Stuart was performing and they were going to commercial break and he looked down and motioned for the Munchkin to come up the steps on the stage and he gave him his pick! Then he told everyone how cute this little boy was with the Texas t-shirt. I am really glad we put the Texas t-shirt on him.

Now, I have a couple of new CD's to buy. Mentioning my baby from the stage should at least get you a sale, right?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh the world we live in today... very different than the one in which we grew up. Saturday was Valentine's Day. A beautiful day we were able to spend it as a family and even able to grill out some nice steaks and sit down as a family at the table all together.

For the Munchkin Man I bought him a really cute stuffed teddy bear, cuddly and snuggly. It was beige and had a valentine's ribbon tied around his neck. Right where our heart would be located on the bear, was attached two stuffed hearts, that said I love you on them. We give the Munchkin his valentine's gift and he grabs it, looks at and tries to punch the two hearts. He repeatedly punches the hearts over and over again. Then proceeds to throw the bear in the floor, never to be touched again.

This child is growing up in a totally different world than I did. He expected the bear to make some kind of noise, sing, dance, something?!? Does he not see the joy in just snuggling a teddy bear? Oh the expectations of a 20 month old! I really find it kind of hilarious. About the only thing that I ever had that made noises was my Mrs. Beasley doll and then only if you pulled the string. That reminds me, about 8 or 9 years ago a friend wanted me to try to find a Mrs. Beasley doll on e-bay for him to give his wife for Christmas (I still have mine!). Do you know those things were selling anywhere from $600-$1000. If this recession keeps up, I might have to sell mine, or maybe I could just sell a Valentine's Bear!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been awhile...

Gee, it's been awhile since I've had the chance to update from the land of Munchkin. Christmas was a rip-roaring success as far as the Munchkin goes. Between Santa and Nana he should want for nothing for a long time. He did have a blast though. He particularly liked the swing from Santa, the Thomas the Train book with sounds from Daddy and the good-old-fashioned-every-kid-should-have-one "corn popper" from Nana. The only bad side to Christmas was that the Uncle was feeling under the weather and in a lot of pain and couldn't play with the Munchkin like he would have enjoyed. The "Uncle" and Nana are coming for a visit next month, so maybe they can make up for it then.

The Munchkin was a great trouper traveling the 17 hours to Nana's house. On the way back we even did it in one day! Not too many 18 month olds who will stay in a car seat for 17 hours in one day without complaining. What an awesome little boy he is. What did we ever do without him?

Since we've been home, he had another set back with being sick again. This time it began on a Friday. As we were driving into the City for work/school, he began to cough. I told Dad that we would have to do a breathing treatment when we arrived home. When I picked him up at daycare, I asked if he had coughed much, they said only when he was laying down to sleep. Friday night we gave him a breathing treatment, wrestling that octopus once again. On Saturday, more wrestling the octopus, and the coughing got worse and the wheezing began as the day progressed. About 3:00am he woke us up crying and yelling for Mom. We ended up having to give him a treatment at 3:30am because I really didn't like the way he was breathing at that point. After the treatment he sounded much better! By morning, though, he was bad again and we called the peds office and made an appointment to bring him in. Thank you God, that our peds office has a ped in the office on Saturdays and Sundays for just such emergencies. Double thank you to God, that it just so happened that out of the 10 or so peds in our practice, that our ped happened to be the one in the office on this particular Sunday.

By the time we arrived at the Dr.'s office, his little chest and stomach were just caving in while he was trying to breathe. Once we saw the Dr. they immediately gave him a breathing treatment (luckily he didn't scream through this one) and they gave him some oral steroids. After the breathing treatment the Dr. checked him again, but still didn't like the way he was sounding.
The Dr. ordered one more breathing treatment before we could leave. I really thought we were headed for the hospital at this point. I mentioned to the Dr. that a child in his class at daycare had come down with RSV this past week, but he said that is not what we are dealing with here. He looked back over Munchkin's history and declared that he definitely has asthma. Only something I've been saying for several months. Luckily, the second treatment seemed to work and he sent us home with orders to do more breathing treatments and Rx for meds for oral steroids and nebulizer meds for preventive measures, not just emergencies. I am very happy to say that the Munchkin is doing so much better and doesn't even fight us anymore about the treatments. He is such a trouper!

There is probably more to write to catch up, but this is enough for today. I'll be back in a day or two with another installment from Munchkin Land!