Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy, Wonderful LIfe

I know it's been forever since I blogged...Life has been uber-crazy the past few months! We are slowly but surely coming to understand that life is just that...CRAZY...and will continue to be so. This is normal, apparently, and we need to quit waiting for it to go back to normal.

BUT, would I want it to go back to the way it was before? NEVER, if it meant not having that wonderful little Munchkin Man in our lives.

He is such a blessing! I can't believe how much my heart melts just by looking at him. He is really changing these days. He turned 2-1/2 last week. He talks a blue-streak (wonder where he gets that from :-) and understands and comprehends so much that it makes my head spin. He is truly a sponge but more than that...the comprehension level is what amazes me daily. The other day, I gave him a list of several of things we were going to do that day, inserted with explanations of what it was or elaborations of points. He rattled this list back to me, condensed down to main points. On top of that, he told me the list again 8 hours later, picking up at the point we were at the moment. Truly, truly amazing.

On top of all of that, he is just such a sweet little boy. He hugs and kisses on all of us and tells us that he loves us. I look so forward to him running straight into my arms when I pick him in the afternoons. He is a very loving, thoughtful and polite child. I have never seen a child as polite as this child. He says, please, thank you and excuse at the appropriate times without being prompted. It is amazing. But I shouldn't be surprised by this wonderful spirit God blessed us with, we already have the older version. His older brother is truly amazing too and is such a kind, giving, loving spirit in his own right. God certainly blessed me with sending him into my life and Matthew certainly blessed me by allowing me to become his mother!

Below is our Christmas card picture for this year. I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful Holiday Season and we wish all of you the best of everything in 2010!